Dit Da Yao

Master Kuís Dit Da oil and supplement are made with a Chinese herbal formula which has been passed down from his sifu. It has been in the Hop Gar family for many generations.  It's made from all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. The oil is very effective on sore or injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. You can almost feel the benefits immediately.

The Te Dah Yao is excellent treatment for sprain and bruise injuries. Best applied as soon as injuries occurred but do not apply to open wounds. Massage the oil onto the area for treatment three times a day or as often as it hurts.

Dit Da Jow is for training of the Iron Palm. After each session of Iron Palm training, you use the oil to relieve the soreness and increase the healing process. 

Both oil are for external use ONLY. Do not get into eyes, mucous membranes or on other sensitive areas. Oil will stain wood furniture so be careful where you place the oil.

Caution: The oil is for external use ONLY.  Do not get into eyes, mucous membranes or on other sensitive areas

Dit Da Yao

$24.95 - 2 oz
+ $3.25 shipping each*

Dit Da Jow

$22.00 - 2 oz
+ $3.25 shipping each*

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