Te-Dah/Chi Kung

Do You Have

  • Sore achy muscles?
  • Back pain?
  • Sports injuries
  • Swelling?
  • Muscle or tendon injuries?
  • Arthritis pain?
  • Bone spurs?

Te-Dah is the ancient art of healing using Chinese Herbal Poultices and medicinal herbal teas to heal bone and muscle (soft tissue) injuries. A form of massage to relax the muscles and tendons is also used so the practitioner can assist the body in naturally realigning itself in a very gentle fashion.  The advanced practitioner will use energy transmission to assist in opening any meridians or meridian points that have become blocked and do not allow the body to heal itself. Energy flow in the body is a very focal point in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese herbs used are all natural and can be an effective alternative to traditional treatment.

Te-Dah is a technique that comes from a 5000 year old healing tradition in China, handed down from Master to Master.  This age-old technique is well known in China and Hong Kong but only a few really know the herbal formulas and how to use them. With this technique encompassing ancient Chinese herbs and energy treatment, the body repairs itself very quickly as opposed to traditional medical treatments.  Healing time for most injuries is a fraction of what it normally would be.  Many patients have found relief after traditional medicine was not able to help them.

There are very few that understand how these age-old techniques work.  Their effectiveness is not only based on the techniques themselves but particularly on the formulas.  Some formulas are far more effective than others but are held in secret.  There are several different formulas used for the poultices, some of them including very rare herbs.  They are prepared through a special process only readily available in Hong Kong.  They are dried and then powdered so they can later be mixed with water to form a mud-like pack (the Poultice) that is worn on the injured site for up to 24 hours. It is held in place with bandaging.  There are also oils and liniments to help with very minor injuries or discomforts.

In the Chinese tradition, patients with bone or muscle injuries or discomfort would first visit a Te-Dah practitioner for herbal poultices and other herbal treatments. Often this can correct the situation within 2 to 3 treatments. Even simple fractured bones can be healed within a few weeks so limbs are not immobilized for 6 or more weeks, which then may need many months of rehabilitation treatment.

Te-Dah traditionally can treat any skeletal injuries (bone, muscle, tendon, cartilage, disk, etc.) that are not severe.  The main treatment is an herbal poultice but often an herbal tea is made to assist in internal cleansing directly related to the injury.  For example:  for arthritis (depending on the type and severity) often the poultices and an arthritis tea are used together.  Working externally and internally can speed the healing process along.

The teas are primarily used to cleanse the organs, which are the body’s filtering system.  A simple flower tea to gently cleanse the body could include:

    • 2 oz chrysanthemum flower
    • 1 oz honeysuckle
    • 3 oz prunella spike
    • Honey to taste if desired

Boil in 2 gallons of water for 10 minutes and drink throughout the day.

What make Te-Dah so unique? For one, the herbs themselves and their action.  Each formula can include up to 40 or more different herbs which all work together to produce the desired effect. Some of the herbs in the formulas are very rare and can only be found in Hong Kong and the outlying areas.  So to purchase new herbs one must make the trip to Hong Kong as needed.  The herbs are excellent for relaxing the muscles and tendons, drawing excessive fluid or stagnant blood from the soft tissues and joints and then allowing the muscle tissue fibers to come together so as to not allow additional fluid to accumulate in the area. The poultices also treat painful or tight muscles and tendons, fractures and broken bones, bruising and swelling due to broken blood vessels, sprains, carpal tunnel, bone spurs, tennis elbow, arthritis and back pain. The poultices are great for removing excessive fluid from enlarged disks in the back and relieve.

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